I’m tired…

That “working vacation” had some really good moments..

That ceiling is 350ft high.  Cant hang anything off it either. Bummer.

Catering was delicious every day. I vowed to make kabobs at home. Lol

I made some good contacts, wrote almost another book, rediscovered water painting, and toured the town abit.  I discovered I’d really like to visit again.

While stressful cause my car broke down and I lost a day of work, I got to work with some good people and got hired on with two more companys.


I guess….I get very lonely alot. And that makes me strive to get the approval of those I value in whatever way.

So yeah… I’m awkward. All business. A bitch. A boss. And standoffish asf. And honestly heartbroken.

…for me, for others, for the world. And its times like that trip where I find enough peace, chaos, love,fear,and hate to relight the fire I’ve had all my life…

I’ll keep howling. ❤

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand