How and why the demon exists, in it’s own words..

I mean…I cant be angry at the animal when it has needs it doesnt understand…

Apparently those that have met 6 understood on levels I never expected. …in ways I never expected. They urged us,”channel the rage and pain of what happened into something that helps.” “Dont bare your fangs at those who help you.” “Your claws are for protecting those you love.” “Its your mind we like. You’re different enough to change something. Use that power you’ve found and make this world better.”

They took care of us despite the growls, nips, and rips. They did their absolute best with a strange devotion and loyalty that surpasses anything I could ever imagine. For them it wasnt just about preventing murders or helping someone.

It feels like it was more..

Because it was. Somehow…someway the people who found us saw the raw dangerous demon as more than terror. They saw potential I think. Or maybe just some very sad scared child who desperately needed nurturing. Maybe they saw a way to gain forgiveness of their own past transgressions. And there were those who craved the attention. The ones who clung desperately to the power they thought they saw for some sort of meaning…

I cant explain their intentions in what happened or where they are now…

I’m thankful. For whatever it was.

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand