This…bothers me..

Nikki- Let’s start with location..

this tag is pretty well hidden in a lil alcove across from a bar with lots of windows. unless you’re in the bar or walking by you aren’t going to see it. My guess is the tagger didn’t want to get caught…fear was in control of that decision.

But they must have felt some kind of least enough to deface property and say what they wanted to say. What was their fear? Obviously it’s in control of them somehow..I mean they could have picked a more public view that was just as protected. but instead chose a direct message to those in the bar or those on a calm casual stroll to be disturbed.

Next I want to look at the script itself.

Everyone had different handwriting right? The script looks too similar to itself to have been crossed out and rewritten by a different person. The Os are nearly identical in their shape. The thickness of the lines of all words is similar enough to believe that the person held the rattle can at about the same length each time.

And now we can chat about the message itself:

“Fear is in Control” we can assume is the original message. The artist then changed their mind, or the fact that fear is crossed out is the message itself.

My thought process on this is confusing but follow me..

… Dogma is basically a set of societal unspoken rules that most people follow blindly. Why? Fear.

The artist seems to be saying that established societal rules are established and followed by,thru,during fear. That fear and dogma are not mutually exclusive but are infact inclusive.

Dogma cannot exist without fear. Society, established norms and customs, are created and followed thru fear.

Why hide this opinion?

I mean…personally I feel like the artist is totally right. Rules and customs exist because bad things happen sometimes. OSHA standards are “written in blood.” Something bad had to have happened for the rule to be created and accepted as true.

That being said..

This artist has been all over my town making posters. I believe this is about actually about racism, unlawful law-enforcement, religious ambivalence, and the actual fear of retaliation for speaking up for what one believes in.

It breaks my heart that they have such passion and such a valid point to make. Something is wrong. They’re absolutely correct in that. I hope I get to meet them some day and ask them about their work.

Update: are you afraid to be who you want to be because of society’s ideations of perfection?

Author: PuppyPuppy

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