MVP- Most Vulnerable Player

MVP( Most Valuable Player) is a term that gets thrown around in celebration and respect of the skill or talents of a person who has proved that they are in some way valuable enough to be celebrated and respected. In sports these people get trophies. In real life these people get responsibility.

It seems to be a common theme among my co workers to entrust me to get things done in a timely and safe manner. Instead of working as a team consistantly, at this latest gig anyway, I was left to my usual running around accomplishing all sorts of task while half the team sat on standby.

Let me re-hash that a bit…

While it is wise and sometimes necessary for at least 1 team member to be on standby… when that team member asks for something to do from me and I asks them to do something then they refuse to do the task I asked of them…

It’s annoying to watch them continue to sit there. Instead of asking a different lead or finding an individual project…something as simple as sweeping the stage would have been an amazing help to me..but instead they refused to help at all and continued to complain about having to work at all ,” I could be at home.”

Keep in mind..I skipped meal break. My pockets had bolts and nuts and tools and e-tape. I had already gotten a decent bruise on my leg from rushing to climb the rail jump.

There was a pile of cable spaghetti that could have been dealt with. The rail needed labels and trim set. One of my leads was organizing the prop staging area (heavy props-he could have used muscle), the other was constantly having to run back and forth from foh to stage while testing lights(he could have used a set of eyes on stage).

There was tons of work to be done. and I was trying to do it all…while my team mates stood on standby. Instead of asking an established lead. I was taking authority I was not given out of necessity to get the show moving.

This is a common recurring theme and has earned me the nickname “Scooter”.

The behavior of my peers has to change.

When this pandemic ends we’re going to get new playmates and I am so excited to see and train the new prospects.

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand