Gift Giving

With the gift giving season knocking at the door I can’t help but state my strange opinions on the matter. It’s a weird phenomenon to me as it is but then we started forming rules based on the reactions of the gifts we’d give and well…I mean…the gifts we give our family make them almost cry so we must be doing something right..

Anyway here are those weird rules.

  1. Don’t break your pocket- they’ll notice and it’ll be really awkward besides that you need food and such anyway. Budget and set a limit. Don’t base the value of the gift on how much it costs you because what it costs you could be pennies or wealth to someone else.
  2. What do they need?- I have always hated receiving gifts I knew I would never use. Generally I would just give those away to someone else as soon as possible. Try to pay attention to things that they use frequently. Maybe their shoes are worn down or they like that special soap. Give them something useful.
  3. Style- What do they like? Do they hate the color pink? Are they allergic to lavender? Try to make sure that whatever it was you figured out they needed that they’ll actually like.

These not so simple rules came about when I learned about the customs of ancient Babylon. Gifts were something given to the unfortunate as a sign of pity and good will. The commercialism of modern gift giving makes me ill.

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand