Type A personality

So there’s this personality theory that did some things in the 1950s from a couple of pretty smart cardiologist who took the time to pay attention to a tradesmen. The craftsman who was reupholstering the chairs in the Drs’ waiting room told them that it was kinda weird that their chairs were only really worn at the edge of the seats. Drs’ being Drs’ also thought this was strange and got curious to know why. So they did a science.

8 years of study in their waiting room and they were able to theorized that men btwn ages

35-59 with particular personality traits were at 2x as much risk of developing coronary heart disease….

What traits where these that could totally double the risk of death just from personality? Not diet or hereditary. But the mental state. That’s something harder to change than just eat more vegetables and go for walkies…

The Drs asked questions like,” Do you feel guilty if you use spare time to relax?”,”Do you move,walk, and eat rapidly?” I mean…in short that’s how to describe the “type a” personality phenomenon. ( some people call these people Alpha’s or Boss sometimes even Turnt or Bitch)

I don’t stop working.

Because sitting still and watching cartoons ( Sara) feels like a large waste of time when in the same time frame I’ve caught up on real life, done some marketing, done research, had a few phone conversations… I’ve achieved some things.

The problem is I can’t turn it off.

I wake up and have to write down the new screen play, or finish the design build of a major prop,…did I forget to do that thing? Then I have to go thru the notebook that is our life and figure out which one of us did what and what did we miss.


So the Ocum’s razor of Type A personality could be said as “I’m not a Boss Bitch, I’m just a Boss”. I get grumpy sometimes because I probably didn’t sleep or the deadline for a project that’s a year away is eating my soul. My grump factor isn’t usually about a person. It’s about setting high standards for myself in an attempt at effiencney just to make keeping up with life possible. I have 1 spot for my phone and glasses. I have 1 spot for shoes. My dress blacks are in the back of my closet so they don’t accidentely get ruined.

Continuing “research” ,meaning I’m reading a wikipedia article, more modern theory’s attritube this type behavoir to a mentality of the type a people who “deal with reality and have certain defenses when it comes to dealing with problems.”

Versus type b people who play for the game not to win or lose.

that must be a nice feeling.

I guess what i’m trying to say is don’t hate the type a people.

Everyone is just trying their best to deal with life.

Be compassionate.

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand