Sparrow’s Beak

I’m writing because I’m mad as hell. There’s a rumor that one of my favorite peripheral people is considering getting rhinoplasty.

Maybe I’m an ass for assuming it’s because she’s self conscious..but considering she’s a jogger it wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

I hope you buckled up because this rant is a roller coaster..

I’m mad because the woman is a straight up 10. She’s an amazing worker who I call sparrow because she practically flys around her work doing all sorts of things with seemingly no effort. Like it’s just as natural as a bird flapping it’s wings. It’s amazing to see. Legit I wish there were more capable fluid like workers in my peripheral. I can’t help but admire that kind of flow.

It pisses me off that someone who is that capable and that I admire on a professional level would be so self conscious as to mutilate herself for the favorable opinions of society. It seems like an incredibly shallow decision formed from the pressures of the silliness of cosmo and vanity fair.

It’s not fair that the shallow social pressure to physically look like a 10 isn’t based on simple health. It pisses me off that the value she finds in herself is effected by this kind of bullshit.

Sure I get that on the bar scene the tenders get tips based on how they look at times but god dam it the tip system should be based on skill and customer service. What the fuck is wrong with the world and how the hell can it be changed?

Don’t mutilate yourself for physical beauty..instead mutilate that glass ceiling that tell you to do that. Use those god dam wings to prove mainstream beauty standards wrong.


Be the inspiration you need.

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand