Flyer Tips from a Frequent Flyer

Meghan-So…the holidays are appearing and while most of us are grounded by Covid some people are still traveling be it by car or plane. When I was a kid I ended up racking up those frequent flyer miles pretty quick because you know, court ordered holiday visitations and summer time and such. Here are some little tips I learned along the way that still help me today.

  1. your carry on is your best friend– I’m serious. If your back can handle it go ahead and use a backpack. Load it up with your laptop, cell phone spare battery/charger, change of clothes, high protein snacks, and a small hygiene kit. If the airline losses your checked bags then your carry on should be your saving salvation for at least a couple of days. Try to plan for that insanity. If you can prep for that then any lay-over or flight delay will be so much better. Sometimes just being able to brush your teeth can make the day easier.
  2. plan like shit is sour– Do not expect your connecting flight to be late. Do not think that you can make it across that international airport to your connecting flight, who probably changed gates yet again, in 12 minutes. No. When you buy your tickets look for layovers that are at least an hour long. That way you have time to get to the next gate without running thru the airport like a terrorist. Also…I mean…you’re probably gonna have to pee eventually and airplane bathrooms are just uncomfortable.
  3. HEADPHONES– your own set. In the airport itself listening to your own music will help you keep your focus and relax you enough to deal with the intensity of being surrounded by so many strangers. There are so many beeps, conversations, and general noise that even if you aren’t listening to your prefered travel soundtrack then at least you’re protecting your ears. Use them on the plane too! While your ears popping from the pressure adjustment is totally normal, the roar of the engines can even be relaxing, the general decibels that occur can cause mild hearing damage. That ringing in your ears isn’t the sound of angle trumpets hun. That’s tinitus. Protect your ears.
  4. Don’t Panic- The TSA agent isn’t watching you. You probably won’t end up with a finger up your bum. That dude is probably just going to a gate near by and not following you. That beeping is just the nice old lady carry service go kart thingy. The food is not poisoned. The plane does a science and won’t just drop out of the air. The pilot is super trained to handle shit as are the stewards. Take this time going thru the airport to appreciate how capable you are. Take a nap on the plane. Relax homie. Millions fly every day.

And finally…

Stay positive.

your flight being delayed just gives you time to chill and maybe wash up a bit. catch a snack or a drink. They lost your checked bag and gave it to Austrailia? well shit dude..take that reimbursement the airline has to give you and get you some new threads.

Chill. Stay Positive. Relax.

My homies that’s the message this week.

with love-


Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand