I love my job…

But it’s hard.

Physically, mentally, and even sometimes emotionally.

It pushes me beyond my limits then creates new limits and pushes me beyond those.

Every time.

Some days it destroys me.

Most days it builds me.

This gif that I’m on I’ve be able to re embrace the powerful woman I am. I’ve been able to realize exactly where I am as a person in my field .

I see it happening sometimes. I break stereotypes and glass ceilings on occasion.

But my body isnt gonna keep up forever. So I study. I learn. One day I’ll be the one running the show. Designing and writing and plotting…till then I’ll try not to bleed on these shards of glass.

I know that Lyla, Shay, Jessica and even Jennifer would be proud of who I am.

I carry that with me every day.

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand

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