The Inconvenience of Sex Clubs

I had just turned 21 and let me tell you I was ecstatic. Sure alcohol was a thing that existed legally for me but so did the local sex club. At only 20 minutes away from home it was a dream come true.

For a small yearly fee of $60 I now had access to a 24/7 place where I could freely and safely explore every facet of sexuality that could freely and safely be explored. I…I maybe didn’t understand the levels available to explore…

Imagine, if you can, watching a movie. While you can feel your body you are not in any control of the decisions it makes. Sure you may get to have a conversation with whoever is at the helm but they get to decide if what you’re saying is important or not…

Alex hates me.

So for 2 weeks we were missing. Our family and friends had blown up the internet and phones looking for us. Our place of employment and family had to deal with law enforcement while trying to find us. The day we walked into the front door of home we were told,” We almost declared you dead don’t ever do that again.”

I begged Alex to leave but…

After person number 5 I blacked out.

The bouncer, who we conveniently fucked after walking in the front door and paying our fee, was kind enough to keep our belongings gathered. Our phone, keys, wallet, and clothing he stored in a bag for us in their office. I asked him,”Why didn’t you stop me?”
“We were making good business,” he shrugged,”my boss would have fired me.”

I can’t begin to guess the sexual body count of those 2 weeks…or why no one stopped what was happening…It was obvious I was engaging is very risky behavior. I would have settled for a ride away from that building. Anyone to take me by the hand and lead us away from the tunneling black abyss of dissatisfaction.

I refuse to believe no one offered.

Alex must have told them no.

So that was the story of why sex feels weird to us now….

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand

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