Business Bird

How I presented a business plan…

I wasnt trying to make a mockery or anything…I swear. I have an appreciation for the various arts and that includes customer service and culinary creation.

That being said…I’m not a people person. It’s difficult for me to speak to people about ideas that I haven’t fully thought out unless I’m already at work and Meghan is near. Even though Alex can handle complexities Meghan is the brave one who can take on new challenges.

It’s like this: Alex handles our notebook. All the ideas, schedules, concepts, lists..whatever. She’s super organized and it’s exceedingly helpful almost to the point of being harmful….that’s right…I said that.

Meghan on the other hand is the reason I can not go for walks outside. She’ll either take us 10 miles away thru dark alleys and down sewers or she’ll run off into the woods.

So…the bird.

I didn’t want to put “trash” in the tip jar even though what’s written on that little bit of paper are some decent ideas. Putting trash in a tip jar is…don’t do that. no. bad.

I had to make it look special.

The problem is though…

If I am this scared to talk to someone..

How will I ever be a voice for those who can’t?

I’ve been trying. I notice people all the time. If they’re having trouble I try to help. Like the “new model” who was being photographed downtown but had to keep talking herself up. As I walked by, careful to stay out of shot, I said, “Rawr get it girl! Be a tiger!”

Well I didn’t say that…but someone from my voice did.

It’s a weird journey I’m on lately.

…haven’t heard anything about the little note yet. It might have gotten thrown away. Or they decided to keep the ideas I gave them.

*shrug* I’m ok with that. That place helped me in a lot of ways. I’ll be back there Tuesday I think. Maybe I’ll know something then.

Till then.


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twitch= puppyplaytime Next stream 10\30 Monthly Marathon (at least 12 hours maybe more. Gonna do games and movies and maybe get into some art.)

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand

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