I saw something beautiful last night and you’re probably not gonna understand

Granted….I was about 4-6 levels of fucked up last night when I had these thoughts but…I’m still feeling it ya know?

I ended up at this almost dive bar. Legit the only spot in town that caters to the punk/ska crowd. It was past last call when my friend and I showed up but the barkeep still made us some french fries and got us water. He even included a fist bump in greeting.

That was chill af. legit. My dude gots me.


It just so happened to be open mic night and we had crawled in during someone’s very nihilistic stand up comedy set. Sure his set was pretty good. We had some good laughs. The guy who got up after him was great too.

What struck me though was…well…

well…here’s a little background so that maybe you’ll understand a bit better..

A few weeks back the chalkboard covered walls of the bathroom were strewn with political propaganda, cheaters phone numbers, small art, and whatever else came to the patron’s mind I suppose.

It’s a not so small aesthetic that means an incredible amount about what the bar…not the building but the people.. stand for. I’ve always liked the chalkboard walls. Sometimes I even write something small like “<3 yourself” or just draw a smiley face. It’s a small center for free speech.

When I came back out from the chalkboard bathroom last night I had a different appreciation for what I was seeing…

There on the stage was another human just trying to make a connection. When we laughed at his jokes he’d flash a smile and even though he may have been some ska punk kid, a small bit of shared humor made his night.

And that made mine so much better.

I attend the Karaoke nights. I never get up there and sing my heart out….oh no that is our private super secret secret lol

I like to go because other people who are more brave than me get up there and sing their hearts out. And when they get discouraged or finally open their eyes and the fear sets in guess who gets to be right there sipping something too sweet with a huge smile and maybe some clapping or customary “woooo!!”

that’s right. Ya girl puppy.

Thank you humanity for being a bit beautiful with encouragement.

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand

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