The international traveler or…how I got jealous of an old badass

I don’t know if you know this or not but when riding a motorcycle maintence is pretty gosh darn important. That includes not just changing the oil, getting new tires, or tune ups but also the clothing you wear, ie rain gear, winter things and possibly the most important of all…

the helmet.

If you don’t ride you’ll probably agree with me on that but if you do ride you might not. And that seems kinda ass backwwards but…anyway..Story time:

So according to USA department of transportation motorcycle safety standards a typical motorcycle helmet should be replaced every 5 years. Since I got new shoes and my helmet looked about as raggedy as it could have possibly gotten I decided it was time to say goodbye to my full faced stealth glare resistent flack black love that had been thru college and the start of my favorite career. Rest in peace friend. You’ve served me well. I will remember you…

Anyway I go to the local motorcycle shop and start checking things out. I find my size and a pattern I don’t hate then pay the outstanding employee hoping his commission will at least get him a good meal or gas enough to enjoy a motorcycle journey of his own. I’m a sucker for good customer service.

It’s a nice day out and my eyes are maybe a bit tired so I purchase a soda and sit outside. I’m looking at this street/cruiser hybrid when out of now where pulls up this absolutely gorgeous bmw motorcycle. Riding on top of that?
A chill vibing guy maybe in his 70s who’s wearing a hoodie, sun shades, cargo shorts, and trail runner shoes with….

a painted over antique military helmet.

I had just dropped $130 on this sleek full face covered, ventilated with the wicking padding and secure secondary shield lock…

and this dude with this $64k bike has a helmet I might could have bought for $5 at the flea market.

I had to meet this dude.

He’s goes inside, does whatever he needed to do, I sip on my soda and check out the doubled up front breaks, wonder why the bike has vents, and get curious about the cost…you know…biker things..

When he comes out I just casually and off handedly say ,”Dude I don’t mean to bother you but that bike is gorgeous.” Because it was. I almost fell in love with it. It was like cheating on pit-pat who looked so pathetic and beaten next to that bmw that I felt really bad for ever being an inexperienced rider.

This guy talking to me for a solid 30 minutes…

He owns 25 different bikes.

He travels all over the world riding and camping.

When he doesn’t want to work he just tells his job,”Yeah Imma be gone bout a month” and if he doesn’t want to go back…he just doesn’t.

He’s riden all thru europe, south america, asia, the middle east…my mind was so blown by the idea of his adventures that I can’t even recall half the places he named. He said so casually,” Yeah I bought this for Europe but I think I’m gonna take the Harley.”

Just….Wow dude…Like that is absolutely amazing. He’s not retired but he works when he wants, travels the globe riding whatever flavor bike he wants

And comes back home

to tell young bucks like me.

The world is a huge place and apparently opportunity to live whatever life you want is out there.

Oh! another thing real quick about older inspiring people..

My bad ass former circus performer co worker, who is way older than I can actually believe, who rode motorcycles on tight ropes, who teams up with me to outwork the manly men, got over her depression by…..

rejoining the circus.

The political circus sure but that bad ass woman made $800+ in 3 days and is legit living her best life traveling around in a lifestyle she loves.

That kind of shit takes courage.

If those two can be so bad ass when others their age or younger have totally given up then why can’t I also try to live my best life?

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand

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