owija go;ahgoi;h

That’s not some foreign language. It’s not censored cuse words. This is just how my brain is right now. Sometimes. This is why college is not for me.

because sometimes without caffiene, with the proper diet and exercise and sleep patterns, my brain does that ^.

While I laid in bed last night tossing and turning and begging for sleep my brain wrote 5 more books.

not stories.

flipping books.

so as soon as I got to the coffe shop today I ordered something with caffiene and prayed that my hands could keep up with all the thoughts that were splilling in a fury from my finger tips.

I came up with a summer program even.

and decided that when I’m rich and successful that I’ll adopt teenagers and help them prepare for adulthood by figuring out college/trade school/union work whatever. oh and like vehicle stuffs…and taxes…ugh…taxes…

I also flew thru cleaning the apartment this morning because my flatmate left fish scales in her trashcan that stays in the hallway and stinks up the entire apartment. She’s gross and defensive about it. so…I got passive aggressive.


this is my brain sober.

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand

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