the novel

I felt so bad about what I wrote yesterday that I apologized to Jessica ( she thought it was awesome like she’s some hero) and had to take a shower. Today I’ve rewritten what I wrote yesterday and added some bits to try and make it flow better.

The first half I’ve decided to leave as is because it’s important that it’s understood that it’s coming from the viewpoint and perspective of a child and well..that’s where my writing was when I wrote the first half anyway works.

The second half I want to flow and be natural but it’s a struggle because just like always I’m not the only one telling the story. It’s a bit stressful and I’m worried beyond myself that when i do finally submit it to the publisher I’ve already paid that they’ll tell me they need even more money for editing and such when I’m struggling as is.

I’ve decided that monday is the day I’m going to apply for that temp job. I know I’ll hate it but i also know that I want this novel to build the entire world for the next two novels I’m going to attempt. perhaps 3 if I can stomach it. Maybe just 1. I’m not sure.

I do feel more confident in my writing. when I first started it was a struggle to just put anything on the page and now i find myself writing out the next part in my head while cooking or driving.

I’m learning that it’s important to take breaks now and again. otherwise the novel will consume everything I am. I’m no stephan king but i don’t want to be a william faulkner either lol

Author: PuppyPuppy

D.I.D. , writer, stagehand

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